About Us

Codeovate was established as a subsidiary of HEURISTIC EDUCATION LLP (established in 2017). Codeovate helps students to learn coding skills to develop the muscle of computational thinking and problem-solving capabilities to guarantee success in the Digital Future. All our mentors are from big IT companies and coding has been their lifestyle. They are degree holders of Computer Science fields from renowned universities. Our course content has been validated by IIIT-Allahabad and UITM- Poland. We believe in quality knowledge and our mentors have the core knowledge of codes and Information technology that can lead students towards innovation and invention.

Codeovate has a three-step method of teaching, keeping in mind the overall development of students. The first step is live classes: The courses are taught to the students through live video two-way sessions. The second step being the personal mentorship sessions: We schedule personal mentorship sessions with every student to discuss their growth and interests with them and their parents. It helps them get a perspective. The third step is: We provide recorded sessions for the later reference in case they require. And doubt solving sessions for students who need our guidance. Our main goal is to make students ready for the real-world challenges with the confidence of coding knowledge that can make them stand out in the crowd.

Codeovate thrives to become a source of knowledge for every student that desires to learn, grow and create something that is going to be beneficial for mankind. To create a concrete ideology that coding is supreme and a necessity, we have put together all our knowledge and strength for future generations. “Code your way to innovation” with Codeovate.

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